Trend Watch: Tiered Pony-Tails


We’re always trying to find new ways to style our hair. Is it just us or sometimes the longer the hair you have the harder it is to style?

Anyway, we’ve came across a funky trend on a classic ponytail. The ‘Tiered Pony-Tail’.


Inspired by Blake Lively and her lustworthy long locks – This style is obviously only suitable for long haired ladies, however, if you clip a few extensions in for extra thickness then short-haired ladies can try too.

Simply divide your hair into 2-3 sections at the back. Secure the top half with an elastic bobbin around the centre of your skull. Then tie another smaller pony again in the middle (in line with your ears) and again at the nape of your neck – All the while adding the hair from above into it.

The size and the quantity of the sections is up to you, though we recommend a back-combed bigger section look a la Blake!



Try it at different heights and different quantities. GO sleeker and tighter for a sophisticated night time look, while big and messy can work during the day.

Is this a trend you’ll try?




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