Beauty: Dye Your Hair With A Straightener???!!


This latest beauty news sounds too good to be true!

Recent scientific reports are suggesting that a hair straightener that can permanently dye our hair may soon be a reality!

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Scientists at the  University of New Mexico and Los Alamos National Labs have been working together to invent a new iron beam technology, which will mean means we’ll be able to change our hair colour without using chemicals!

According to scientists, the hair straighteners will coat gratings onto individual hair strands, creating patterns which will then refract light differently, causing a permanent hair colour change.


A permanent new hair colour may sound a little scary, so the scientists behind the invention now say they are working on creating a temporary version of the straightening tool.

It may be a long time before this kind of product is available to the masses, but could this be the future of at home hair colour?!

(Source and images: HuffingtonPost, Glamour Magazine, Daily Mail)


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