Full Product List – My Inglot Make Over!

cranberryA couple of weeks ago, I hosted a fab two-day fashion show event at Dublin’s Liffey Valley Shopping Centre.

I had such a great time showing the crowd my favourite summer pieces from the centre, and I really enjoyed chatting with customers about all things fashion and beauty. Both days were just so much fun, and, if you’re looking to stock up your summer wardrobe, then I would definitely advise that you head down to Liffey Valley the next chance you get! There is some seriously great style there.

When I uploaded posts about the event on Facebook and Instagram, I also included some photos of the makeup looks I had worn on both days. Almost immediately, I was inundated with questions about the type of products that had been used to create the two looks, with some readers even requesting to know the exact shades!

So I figured a post was definitely in order!

On both days, my makeup had been applied by the very talented Inglot MUA Fiona Hogan. Inglot is such a fab brand, and their colours are so beautiful. Definitely worth checking out if you haven’t done so already.

I chose two particular eyeshadow looks – cranberry for Saturday, and an orange/coral tone for Sunday. These colours so warm and summery, I just loved them as soon I had laid eyes on them. Orange and cranberry are also great for making the blue in your eyes pop, and I always love it when the natural colour of the eyes becomes the main focus of a look.

I also opted to use a lot of highlighter in both looks, because I wanted my skin to look as dewy and as summery as possible so that it would tie in with the theme of the fashion show. The highlighter is also great for enhancing your bone structure and drawing attention to your cheek bones! I’m a confirmed fan!


Here is the full list of the Inglot products and shades that were used to create my look:

Day 1 – The Cranberry Look.


On the eyes: Eye primer; 55 cranberry; 63 matte black; 351 white; 1 sparkle dust as highlight at tear duct; 77 gel liner winged out; 329 brown shadow on brows.

On the face: Face primer; YSM 50 foundation; 65 AMC face powder; 74 bronzer; 21 blush; and 2 sparkle dust to highlight.

On the lips: 51 soft peach lip paint.

Day 2 – The Orange Look.

inglot 2

On the eyes: 335 burnt orange; 77 black gel liner smoked out with 329 and 326 brown shadows; 330 cream; 395 highlighter at tear duct; 329 on brows.

On the face: Same as cranberry look with 29 blush and 64 bronzer instead.

On the lips: 401 matte peach lipstick.

On both days 30n wispy lashes were used for fullness!

So there you have it guys! My Inglot look in full! Let me know if any of you have already tried this fab brand!

Sue xxx

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  1. Jen O' Callaghan ッ
    8 July 2014 / 13:05

    Hi sue hope you are well. I’m just wondering what exfoliator and moisturiser do you use I know this doesn’t relate to this blog but I’ve tried several exfoliator n moisturisers but they don’t seem to be doing much for my skin as a get a few break outs on my chin and it gets very dry and also around my news but the rest of my face can be oily hope you can help me out

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