Looking For A Brush Holder? Check Out These Acrylic Beauty Organisers!


If like me you are a beauty and makeup addict, then you will appreciate this product!!

For years I have been watching the successful American Beauty Bloggers on YouTube and I always noticed that in their videos they had the really cool, clean looking acrylic brush holders around their vanity area. When I looked into purchasing some myself, I found that they were either quite expensive or hard to get.

Last year I was lucky enough to have been sent the amazing HerClutterbox which is the equivalent to the Kardashian Clear Acrylic organiser, which every makeup junkie would die for. Granted they are on the pricey side ringing in at €189, but in my opinion they are the perfect investment for storing your makeup and also remembering what you actually have, rather than it being at the bottom of a makeup drawer.

For those of you who are looking for a matching brush holder or acrylic beauty organiser, the lovely guys at CrownBrush have just launched a x4 compartment organiser that is ideal for storing your makeup brushes, products and essential beauty tools. I have it sitting on my beauty shelf and it’s great for storing my brushes and once again, great for seeing exactly what brushes I have.


The organiser is split into 4 compartments but 2 of the dividers are removable which makes it very versatile. I took an image of my beauty area last weekend with my brushes in it and after I posted it to my Facebook & Instagram pages, you guys were asking about the beauty organiser… and so there is your answer – it’s the x4 compartment beauty organiser from CrownBrush.ie! 🙂

Price: €15.61, click here to buy.

Box dimensions: 21 X 8 X 10 cm’s


Happy Shopping!!

Sue xx


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